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Parkway Project


A lovely little stretch

The 3500 block of North Hermitage is a special place.  Residents are proud of our community, and visitors enjoy strolling through this short stretch between Addison and Lincoln.  With that said, there’s always room for improvement, and sprucing up the two unsightly parkways on the corner of Addison and Hermitage would enrich the experience for both residents and visitors.  Let’s gather as a street, neighborhood and community to revitalize these two parkways and make our block a better place for all. 

3500 N Hermitage Parkway (1)-01.png

The Space + Design Plan

The Space

Both parkways receive little to no sunlight, contain very compacted soil, have large extending tree roots (more so on Church side), and get a fair amount of foot traffic due to location.  All of these issues have been considered in the plan below. 


Design Plan

In light of these conditions, the parkways will take on more of a hardscape look with some landscape and planters splashed with in. This will allow for more durability and less maintenance. 

Timeless Garden Design:  

The space will contain bricks, stepping stone pavers, concrete, weathered wood, and shade plants & flowers in stone or stone-like planters. All materials and decor to be in muted colors only, nothing loud, bold or visually noisy. Bright colors should come naturally from plants or flowers only. 

3500 N Hermitage Parkway.png
Metal Plaque Engravement.jpg

To ensure the Hermitage parkways maintain a timeless look, we need to avoid this look and materials. While it's lovely, it's not the best vibe for the space or street. 

Screen Shot 2024-04-25 at 9.26.44 AM.png


Materials we have:

• Stepping Stone Pavers

• (5) Large Viceroy Planters 8 in. x 14.7 in. 23 qt.

• (1) Wooden Bench (St. Andrews side) 

Materials we need: 


April 2025

The parkway installation project has begun! I am starting on the church side and will then work my way over to the apartment complex side. If you are interested in helping with the installation, please email me below. I welcome the help and can't wait to get more neighbors and the community involved. :)  

Photo Updates

 Maintenance Schedule

Coming soon!


Project Organizer:

Angela Carpenter

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